Don’t do THIS on the first day of your diet!

This describes the beginning of a lot of my grand plans.

Yesterday was Day One of my “diet” (I prefer “lifestyle change,” but that feels a little ambitious right now; I’d settle for just figuring out how not to binge on Cheetos multiple times per week), and I already screwed up. I think I’ll start collecting my screw-ups in a “what NOT to do to lose weight” list – maybe I’ll spare someone else my mistakes.

Anyway, here’s how I messed up yesterday. I was all set to go with myfitnesspal, but I hate – HATE – logging my food. It’s easy, it works, and yet still…I rebel. Yesterday’s rebellion was to log meals a few hours after I ate, basically when I had a free moment.

Here’s why this doesn’t work. According to myfitnesspal, I need to eat 1250 calories a day to lose 1.5lbs per week right now (I’m hoping to increase this later, but I was honest about my activity level, which is minimal right now – I basically work, write, and play with my kids. Need to add exercise, obviously, but one day at a time).

Anyway, by the time I got around to logging at 2pm or so, I had already eaten breakfast, a morning snack, and lunch. And, apparently, I didn’t do so hot, as I was already up to 950 calories! The idea of only eating 300 calories for the rest of the day sounded horrible, so I just gave up entirely for the day. And we all know what happens when we “give up” and decide to “start again tomorrow.” I’ll spare you the gory details, but, let’s just say that cupcakes were involved.

So, starting over today, with two new tips:

1. Log your meals RIGHT AWAY; that way you don’t find out halfway through the day that your early meals were more calorie-laden than you thought.

2. If you do mess up one meal, don’t write off the whole day as lost. I probably could have gone over by just a few hundred calories if I’d just gotten myself on track the minute I realized I was off. Instead, I not only gave up – I went into, “Oh no, a diet is starting tomorrow!” mode all over again – and probably went over by 1,000 calories instead.


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